We are regulated and members of the CIMA (Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants), specialising in the development of businesses.

We ensure that any business is familiar with its financial needs, while staying updated in its field of development.

Our services our diverse. Thus, we serve clients from a variety of industries. And we can provide expert advice on a variety of financial matters.

Your success is our goal. Through our advice, you’ll grow faster, maximising efficiency on all levels of your enterprise.

Our Team

Our team is made up of motivated employees seeking to provide a top service.

All of our employees are either “qualified” or “part-qualified” chartered/management accountants – in addition to tax specialists/auditors and business strategists.

Our team has a broad range of experience in multiple sectors. This qualifies our firm to provide support for all businesses, and throughout all stages of their development.

In fact, many accountants and financial specialists seek our tax advice! It’s a testament of the quality you’ll receive for financial management.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

At the end of the day, advice only matters to owners that appreciate and apply it.

We view the entrepreneur as the number one factor in proper financial management. And we focus on educating and guiding them through the process of proper record keeping.

So while we can do much with spreadsheets and numbers, the top value we provide “advisory.”

As an entrepreneur/investor, whatever inspiring ideas you have, we’ll help you develop it. We can assist you in the creative of your projects as related to finance.

We’ll assist you in analyzing the big picture, while studying the feasibility of your ideas. This will help you develop and innovative vision, while translating it into an effective venture!

Managing Partner

Mano Butani, ACMA
(29 Years of Experience in accounts and tax)

1983 – BA
1984 – ACMA
1985 – LLB

Mano started his career in 1980. This gives him almost 3 decades of professional experience.

He initially worked as a business executive in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka before starting his management consultancy practice in 1986. He also started another practice in 2005, gaining massive demand from pre-existing clients who valued his business.

Throughout his career, he has travelled wide. His travels have equipped him with much experience in tax systems and accounting practices throughout Chile and China.

Consider him an international-level consultant.

We recommend seeking his advice before anyone else’s. You’ll receive much valued guidance that’ll direct your finances in the right direction!