We have a Team of highly motivated Qualified and Part Qualified Chartered Management Accountants and Chartered Accountants.

If you’re a new or existing business and in need of a business development plan, Amass can help you to restructure your company’s financial practices from the ground level up.

Accounting Support Services

When it comes to accounting, most business owners simply lack the time.  This isn’t exclusively an issue of time. It’s a financial issue too, especially for more established businesses.

After all, many businesses find difficulty to structure in-house accounting departments.

This is where we come in. We provide experienced staff that can fulfil your accounting needs.

Our staff works diligently to ensure that we can produce reports in a variety of ways. And we do so through a variety of methods, and along different timeframes that you can specify.

The Services We Provide Include:
– Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Management Accounts.
– Financial Results (by division and branch).
– Business Plans.
– Comparative Analysis for Budgets.
– Breakeven and Turnover Costing Information.
– (For Company Law Compliance): Statutory Accounts.
– (For Statutory Companies House Filing): Abbreviated Accounts.

Payroll Service

Through our services, we ease the process of payroll administration. Specifically, we focus on reducing resources and time spent. We also keep you updated on legislation, taxation, and penalties related to payroll management.

VAT Compliance

VAT vital in accounting, as it represents anywhere from 17.5% to 20% of a product or service’s value.

Thus, getting its calculations wrong can have disastrous consequences. It can cause unnecessary trouble with regulatory authorities.

We help you circumvent that, through a proactive method that keeps tabs on regulations and rules related to VAT.


At a basic level, tax compliance is a requirement for your business to stay afloat and healthy.

By keeping track and paying taxes on-time, you ensure delayed taxes and penalties don’t pile up, thus threatening your business.

We help you maintain a healthy tax accounting and payment regime. Regardless of your business size, we’ll keep your records accurate, ensuring you pay no more than required by law.

Our services focus on providing detailed planning on a variety of complex tax problems. Through our services, we ensure you avoid any pitfalls in calculation, while benefiting from tax cut opportunities!

Tax Investigation

Bad news – the Inland Revenue has recently decided to introduce an investigate system to their processes.

It’s also random. That is, taxpayer accounts are now selected randomly for reviews, and VAT records are checked.

Your account might be a random-select. For that reason, you need to maintain sharp and accurate records at all times.

Through our services, we’ll assist you with that. We’ll ensure that you never get in brushes with the Inland Revenue Service!

Personal Tax Planning

With tax regimes increasing in complexity, reporting responsibilities are fully shifting to businesses.

This applies to individuals too, whether they be single income employers, or contractors with a sole proprietorship.

Through our services, we manage personal accounts too. We’ll provide advice and organisation of your records, keeping you prepared for random tax investigations!

Corporate Tax Planning

Corporations spend a disproportionate amount of time in tax management.

They’re responsible for calculating taxes on all levels of their departments. They’re also responsible for accurate record keeping.

Those responsibilities are a resource drain for corporations. However, they’re necessary in order to avoid the harsher penalties levied by tax authorities.

Through our services, we assist corporations, whether small or large. We take the pressure off a corporation in collecting and managing tax records.

Additionally, we reduce the costs required to operate your own accounting department, especially as a major corporation.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Tax responsibilities don’t escape individuals, even to death.

Thus, inheritance and capital gains taxes exist. They must be taken into account, ensuring you leave proper provisions to family who survive you.

This requires intimate knowledge of tax law. It also requires meticulous planning and foresight, especially when dividing estate.

Also, inheritance taxation is almost always a case-by-case situation. People own different types of property, investments, and income sources that require planning after death.

Through our services, we will assist you with this job. We provide a professional approach to inheritance/capital gains taxes.

We’ll ensure that your estate management is done in a way that leaves loved ones the necessary finances, even after your passing.

Capital Gains

Similar to inheritance planning, capital tax recording can be complex. However, we help you resolve those issues through an approach that emphasises clarity in presentation.

Not only will our services clear you in the eyes of tax authorities. But we’ll also provide advice on “reducing your tax burdens.”

Company Secretarial

As a business owner, you need to maintain compliance with the “Companies Act.”

However, this is time consuming. This compliance drains much of your time and resources preparing paperwork that only reduces your net income.

That time is better spent elsewhere growing your enterprise.

However, this tax compliance is necessary, and our company can take over that role for you. We do so by providing conversant secretarial services that make tax administration easier.

As a business owner, you can now worry less about legislation changes. In fact, we’ll track those for you, while clearly explaining the implication of the updates that matters to your business!

Business Start Ups

Most startups capitalise on and expand upon ideas. This tends to be the approach of most entrepreneurs…

But, what gets neglected it the “legal financial aspect,” tax money included. Sorting through such records can be daunting for startups with little tax experience.

We can help resolve those complexities. After all, our services don’t only focus on organising financial records. But they also assist in entrepreneurial feasibility studies.

Business Planning

Strategic planning matters for every business. It is how a vision is set that creates roadmaps for future growth. It’s also what helps a business avoid pitfalls that may be catastrophic to an organisation.

Those pitfalls include everything from missed opportunities and inefficiency, to wrong decisions and policies.

Thus, all business owners need strategic planning, and we can provide that. Our experience in organising financial records helps you forecast, deal with cash flow, and create plans for growth.

Business Finance & Business Funding Solutions

Business funding is necessary, especially from external sources. This includes not only shareholder funding, but also loans.

Through our services, we can provide an introduction to conventional lending and financing. We can also walk businesses through debtor financing and capital, providing advice on what the best options are.

We provide advice that is tailored to each client’s business and financial state.

Corporate Finance

We provide assistance in creating paperwork and records for bank presentation. This aids all business types in acquiring loans for their projects.

Umbrella Services

If you are new to contract working you may want to consider how our Umbrella company services can help you.

Additional Services

We also provide the following…
We can assist in loan applications. This is for mortgages, personal, and business loans.
We provide advice on local department and city council disputes.
We assist in reclaiming payments from construction industry accounts.
We assist as intermediaries in tribunal applications, providing barrister instructions.
We aid failing businesses in restructuring themselves from bankruptcies and crippling debt.
We provide assistance for sponsorships, visas, residency permits – and all that is related to home office matters.

We’ve got dedicated staff and a client manager who
will be there every step of the way